The Degradation of Deepingdale

Showdown, Ritual, Showdown

Showdown With the Master…and Friends

The Gelacore
We meet the awesome Demi-God in his palace/deserted city/stronghold/archive
He seems quite charming and interested to see whether we will entertain him or simply die
He didn’t refer to us as little ones, so we must have impressed him
He asks me questions about the Grove, and I freely tell him about the Crystal Ball, who has it, and that we need the Mythal Staff to undo the magic of the Red Wizard, Raven Alavar
We see the Master and his three cohorts, including the elusive Al’cal’tel from Bregan D’Aerthe
He brings back Karxik from the Grove, which is no small feat and we get to it
Everyone is dispatched, except the Red Dragon (Al’cal’tel) is squashed by the Gelacore
We could’ve won the entire battle, but I guess the ancient Drow Sorcerer doesn’t like being snooped on.
The booty is real real nice
Bracers of Armor +9 (X2)
Cloak of Resistance +7 (X3)—one is mine
Ring of Protection +7 (X3)—one is mine
Amulet of Natural Armor +5 (X3)—one is mine
Ring of Invisibility—mine
Mace of Ruin +7—Xavril
Elven Chain +9—Xavril
Medium Shield +6
Ring of Protection +5
Circlet of Wisdom +4—mine
Ring of Ironskin (DP15/Adamantine)
Ring of Wizardry 6—Karxik
Rod of Quickening (Major)—Karxik

The Realm of the Star Elves
We travel to the Star Elves Domain, which is a monochromatic pocket plane that is beautiful and surreal
Syvalen, the Star Elf King helps us with the ritual but basically refuses to Resurrect Sebal
We free the Grove and end up fighting the Red Wizard himself, with three of his friends (one of which is a Sorceress, a Hex-Blade, and some lacky that didn’t survive long)
The fight isn’t easy, and Dirty Wizard ends up fleeing with his swordsman after we dispatch his Sorceress friend
The booty is small but very nice
Unholy Broadsword +4
Staff of the Magi
Rod of Metamagic Enlarge (Greater)
Talisman of Ultimate Evil
Ring of Energy Immunity (Electricity)

…now we need to get back to the Grove and destroy the evil that was released



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