The Degradation of Deepingdale

Showdown, Ritual, Showdown

Showdown With the Master…and Friends

The Gelacore
We meet the awesome Demi-God in his palace/deserted city/stronghold/archive
He seems quite charming and interested to see whether we will entertain him or simply die
He didn’t refer to us as little ones, so we must have impressed him
He asks me questions about the Grove, and I freely tell him about the Crystal Ball, who has it, and that we need the Mythal Staff to undo the magic of the Red Wizard, Raven Alavar
We see the Master and his three cohorts, including the elusive Al’cal’tel from Bregan D’Aerthe
He brings back Karxik from the Grove, which is no small feat and we get to it
Everyone is dispatched, except the Red Dragon (Al’cal’tel) is squashed by the Gelacore
We could’ve won the entire battle, but I guess the ancient Drow Sorcerer doesn’t like being snooped on.
The booty is real real nice
Bracers of Armor +9 (X2)
Cloak of Resistance +7 (X3)—one is mine
Ring of Protection +7 (X3)—one is mine
Amulet of Natural Armor +5 (X3)—one is mine
Ring of Invisibility—mine
Mace of Ruin +7—Xavril
Elven Chain +9—Xavril
Medium Shield +6
Ring of Protection +5
Circlet of Wisdom +4—mine
Ring of Ironskin (DP15/Adamantine)
Ring of Wizardry 6—Karxik
Rod of Quickening (Major)—Karxik

The Realm of the Star Elves
We travel to the Star Elves Domain, which is a monochromatic pocket plane that is beautiful and surreal
Syvalen, the Star Elf King helps us with the ritual but basically refuses to Resurrect Sebal
We free the Grove and end up fighting the Red Wizard himself, with three of his friends (one of which is a Sorceress, a Hex-Blade, and some lacky that didn’t survive long)
The fight isn’t easy, and Dirty Wizard ends up fleeing with his swordsman after we dispatch his Sorceress friend
The booty is small but very nice
Unholy Broadsword +4
Staff of the Magi
Rod of Metamagic Enlarge (Greater)
Talisman of Ultimate Evil
Ring of Energy Immunity (Electricity)

…now we need to get back to the Grove and destroy the evil that was released

Lady Janella’s meditation log

Day 2 in Baldur’s Gate – Screaming, why is our evil companion screaming? We go to his room and he appears to be stuck in the bed with only his arm sticking out. After a few moments he disappears into the crystal ball of the grove. After this my leg seems to vanish and then is solid again. There is so much I still need to figure out about these powers. Who can help? We don’t have the time to wait for Mr. Jameson, so maybe his friend Elaine will have some answers. We make our way there and as we talk to her, she starts to act very strangely. She offers to help train us out back. This should have been a sign, but maybe we can just beat the answers out of her. She calls forth some Golems and we fight. We end up killing the fake Elaine and flee from the Golems.

As we are walking back to the Inn, the Grandmaster stops me and asks if I have completed his task. I tell him that I am still working on it. Xavril, being his usual chaotic self, challenges the Grandmaster. The Grandmaster is a bit amused by it and calls his bluff. They both choose cards from the deck: Fates for the Grandmaster and the Knight for Xavril. Great, another Halfling appears, and is now Xavril’s servant. This is not going to end well. Before the Grandmaster leaves, he gives me his blessing and says that this should help me complete the quest.

In keeping with my vow, I head to the temple of Tyr to donate my portion of the gold, and hopefully find answers to where the Master is hiding. With the large donation, I’m granted entry into the inner sanctum and meditate with the high priest. As time passes, he finally tells me that the Master has entered into an unholy alliance with the Drow and is most likely in the catacombs by the docks. If we were to attack the Master now, we would most likely be killed, so head back to the Inn to come up with a better plan. It is fortuitous that we did, as there is a Gold Elf waiting for him. At first sight, I’m instantly attracted to him and when he touches me, my panties require a change. He tells us that there may be a way to break the crystal orb with a magical staff, but getting it will not be an easy task. The first obstacle is to find a wizard that can teleport us to the place where the staff is hidden.

The real deal
ya its that good

So we catch up to our hero in a bar getting breakfast. Confronted by a upset guard. He basically tells him what ever jumps on a table and flips him off only to do a back flip out of the window. Nice. Next Xavril (our hero) says we should go talk to that old lady again and he friend agree and go only to find she’s PMSing bad and tries to have he clay golem henchmen deal with us but Xavril kill them all and took her booty. On the way to the next they meet up with the master blah blah blah words hand gestures. We then go to a church and Xavril gets to meet some god dude and pees in the holy water. Classic Xavril. We then go back to the bar I do some poetry for my drow lady love and we meet so other elf dude. But he wants to go to some place for some reason… sounds fun so we go. We end up in the underdark (not sure how) and they come across a white dragon but he runs and we live. Then a necromind does something and I kill it. We find a ugly dwarf city words words money blah. Then head off again leaving a poem and some jewelry for his lady love. Then we find some black dragon I go and steal some stuff and then get my friends around him and while he is chasing them I go back and steal stuff and take a dump on his hoard. Classic Xavril. Some mushroom forest… boring. Find a mind flayer house and own them and the friends that come along after we owned them then took a dump in the child spawing tank. Classic Xavril. Before we go I do more poetry for my drow lover and we run off. Run into some Ice devils and finally my woman is here and they fight and we finish them off and win. Now I did kill my woman but I need to get her away from here so we can be together. (aka going to ress her later… Classic Xavril). Then mummy lords and drood chick soils her panties and dies so I ress here and basicly and hero. Classic Xavril….

Ruins and Dragons and Mushrooms and Dragons and Devils and Drow and Mummies, Oh My!

The Blushing Mermaid
Karxik is sucked into the crystal ball, and we now have the dilemma of who is next. We have to solve this problem quickly.
It seems the City Guard didn’t quite trust Xavril’s card game, and the captain is really angry. He wants to know how his good friend wants nothing to do with him, after playing the card game with Xavril. I often wonder why this little thief does these things. Everything in nature has its meaning, but chaos takes so much effort and time to create.
Xavril does his patented leap through a closed window trick…
We need answers, and Elaine may have heard them while training the City Guard.
Elaine’s Cottage
We pay Elaine a visit, but she seems far too elated to see us and is acting very uncharacteristic.
We drink her tea, after I purify it, and she asks us if we want training in the backyard. What could possibly go wrong?
We comply and go out back to find that the training dummies are actually clay Golems, and our host is actually a werewolf in disguise. I also spot what looks like Elaine’s body in a heap.
We fight this beasty and eventually kill her, and the booty is pretty sweet
7 Mithral Chain Shirt/Hardness 15—Xavril’s
+3 Heavy Shield
+2 Bastard Sword
Cloak of Resistance +2
Masterwork Composite Longbow
Tome of Understanding +3 to Wisdom—which Xavril gives to me
+1 Hide Armor
Masterwork Broadsword
On the street, a hooded figure, which can only be the Grand Master, walks up to us.
Xavril challenges him to draw from the deck, which he does. The Grand Master draws the Fates card, while Xavril draws the Knight card and Rolando is realized.
The Grand Master challenges Jenella again and is rewarded with tattoos that augment her strength +3
Temple of Tyr
After selling our booty with some reluctance, we visit Jenella’s temple to give them a donation.
She donates 770 gold and is granted an audience with the High Priest. She finds out about the unholy alliance between the Master and the Drow. She also finds out that the Master is in the catacombs by the docks.
Enter Sebal
We return to the Blushing Mermaid and the barmaid says that people came in looking for us. We find our Gold Elf friend. And he has some information on a staff that may help us in finding and freeing the Grove. Sebal talks about the ancient Elven court that founded Myth Dranor 10,000 years ago. He talks about the ruined city and its extreme dangers. He also mentions the strange wild magic zones. This place holds unspeakable treasure and power.
Sebal speaks of the Mythal Staff, which is an artifact beyond powerful that can be used, in theory, to save my mother and the Grove.
Myth Dranor
We find a wizard that can teleport us to the fabled ruined city of Myth Dranor
I cast FIND THE PATH on Xavril
This place is strangely quiet and the air is stale. We walk by a ruined House of Antiquities—strangely enough Xavril isn’t interested in seeing what is inside.
We jump over a couple bridges and come to the House of Ornjal and the Windsong Tower, which is the entrance to the ruins below. We find the opening and a 20’ drop—land safely.
The Underdark
This place is dark and strangely cold
There is a pool that we do not disturb while getting across
Xavril scouts out the dark tunnel ahead and finds a group of four Skeleton Warriors. We engage them and make a rather large amount of noise.
This noise disturbs the white dragon that is creeping in the pool behind us. He gets to the narrow tunnel and unleashes his freezing breath weapon.
We all survive the cone of cold, and the remaining Skeleton Warriors are frozen in place.
Vast Cave
We enter a vast cave and notice ahead an amorphous pile of green ooze. I lob fire seeds at it while it swallows Jenella. She breaks free. It swallows her again. She breaks free, and it swallows her again. We eventually end it. And Jenella is covered in slime—icky
Xavril scouts ahead and finds a great pool and another dark cave. The pool has an Aboleth in it, so we decide on the cave. There is a door at the end of the cave, and Xavril opens it to find one of the most unnatural creatures of Faerun—the Necromind.
We engage it, and of course, it swallows me. I try to get out of it’s necrotic and acidic innards with my knife. While doing so, I see that it swallows Sebal also. We are going to die, if I don’t act quickly. I carve a hole in it and eventually get out and find it dead on the floor. Sebal isn’t going to be right after this adventure. Jenella and I high-five our slimy encounters.
Scabbard of Keen Edges—Xavril
Ring of Three Wishes—Mine
+1 Greatsword
Talisman of Reluctant Wishes—which Xavril loses
Scroll of Lesser Planar Binding—Mine
Staff of Fire—Mine
Scroll of Forcecage—Mine
Rod of Wonder—Xavril
We take a much needed rest, and I continue my study of the Tome of Understanding.
I cast FIND THE PATH on Xavril and we travel to a lower level of the Underdark.
Duergar Dwarf City
We meet a merchant who is inquisitive about our party, especially Sebal.
Xavril asks the Merchant if he has any detailed maps of the underdark. I know this Dwarf is going to try to manipulate the situation, but we eventually get a map of the next city over with some turns and secret passages—one of which is a black dragons hoard.
Sebal tells us that there is a secret passage to the next level past the Drow city in the dragon’s lair—what could possibly go wrong?
Dragon’s Lair
We enter a very narrow tunnel and Xavril does his sneak/thief recon in the treasure hoard. He finds a sleeping Black Dragon atop a massive hoard of gold and gems. Xavril can’t resist taking things, but remains unseen. We skirt around the Dragon while he is trying to sniff us out and finally end up at the mouth of a pool that leads beyond. Sebal dimension-doors and Jenella shadow-steps to a jutting of rock and hides, while Xavril, and I are almost crushed by Black Dragon. I Wild Shape into a tiny fish and swim for it. The Dragon, of course, follows us into the pool, and Xavril returns to the lair for some thieving.
+4 Sentient Rapier—Haste (3/day)—Xavril
+3 Bloody Mace—must have fresh blood on it or loses magic
Ring of Deathwatch—Sentient (Evil)—speaks of the conditions of creatures around you—Xavril
We find a waterfall and a swamp that is filled with mushrooms and bog water—the perfect bed for a Black Dragon
We encounter Myconids that want to barter safe passage with a single sacrifice, but I cast COMMAND PLANTS on them and we pass without incident.
We find our way to a very narrow tunnel and hear the sniffing Dragon behind us saying, “I can smell you!”
We come to what seems like a garbage shoot, but the garbage is every kind of humanoid imaginable. It is a heap of putrescence, and the spell is telling Xavril that the quickest way to the next level down is through that shoot. Investigating the heap further reveals a glowing yellow wizard eye, that I quickly dispel. I know our trackers will be here soon.
Illithid Harvesting Camp
We find a Drow male with a larvae attached to its neck, who seems to be catatonic. He is chained up, totally malnourished, and seems to be in charge of disposing of the bodies. What kind of creature could enslave Drow and create this much carnage?
We scout out the facility—there is a room with a huge tank of larvae and another room with humanoids strapped to tables.
After opening the door, Xavril scouts out a courtyard with another building across the way.
A humanoid looks out the window, after being alerted to the noise. This humanoid is slight, having a tall but thin build. While frail, they have tough, leathery hides and bulbous eyes above their four tentacles and bloated heads which contain highly developed brains—Illithid.
We scurry back into the disposal room and shut the door, while Xavril does his hiding whammy.
I unchain the Drow and destroy the larvae. He falls to the ground and the Illithid is alerted to our presence. We are hit by a cone of psionic power, but we manage to shrug it off. Three Illithids return and we get to it. We fight off one and the third teleports just outside. We fight again, and the second one forces Xavril to do his will by killing us. We end the second Illithid, and #3 runs off. I use one of the MIRACLES in my Ring of Three Wishes to bring Xavril back to “sanity.”
We case the place quickly, knowing the third Illithid will most likely come back with reenforcements.
Oil of Magic Vestment +4—(X2)—Mine
Manual of Quickness of Action (
5 to Dex)—Xavril
We flee quickly and are traveling through an oblong tunnel. FIND THE PATH tells Xavril which tunnel to travel down, but we are confronted by four Illithids, including the slippery squiddy that got away. We fight and ultimately win but not without a price. Xavril and Sabel are both turned against us, so I must use another Miracle from the ring to take us to the Ethereal Plane. We hang out for two days and rest, heal, read, and try to help Sabel from going insane. This poor elf is really being taken for a ride.
We return in the very spot we left, take the correct tunnel, and come out into a chasm that is easily a 100’ drop. There is sinister laughter coming from the bottom of the pit.
Xavril summons his Obsidian Goat and we all fly across, all the while hearing the sinister laughter and breathing below.
Xavril recons once again, and finds two Ice Devils at the end of the tunnel, also a familiar war party of Drow are tailing us behind. We all hide—Sebal not so well. We wait for the party to pass in order to cause the Ice Devils to fight them. We are in a perfect position to catch them with their panties down, except that Sebal is just standing there, thinking he is under perfect cover.
The party discovers him and the Priestess yells, “Where are the others?! Find them!”
Sebal runs down the tunnel hall and dimension-doors next to me, once they are alerted.
The Ice Devils meet the Drow party, and we start the fight. The devils are being banished, while summoning six Bone Devils, the Drow wizard disappears, and I cast TRUE SEEING to catch him with his panties down. Jenella does her FOUR KICKS TO THE FACE. Sebal shoots arrows. Xavril backstabs and devastates with evasion. Huge spells are cast and eventually the Priestess falls, the devils are vanquished, her entire party is killed, save the wizard who time stops and flees. We have destroyed the Master’s informant! And the booty is AWESOME!
Drow Elven Chain +1 (X4)
Drow Shortsword +1 (X4)
Drow Hand Crossbow (X4)
Ring of Energy Resistance (Fire +20)—Mine
Ring of Mind Shielding—Mine
Demon Armor (Full Plate)
+2 Small Shield
Staff of Healing—Mine
Boots of Striding—Mine
Snake Whip
Gloves of Dexterity +6—Xavril
Mummy Lords and Resurrections
We come to a low hanging room with four figures—one of which is on a stone throne. These figures are wrapped in cloth and are strangely attired—this is a Mummy Lord and its mummy minions.
We begin the fight doing very well. I cast some FIRE SEEDS and fire damage the lot, before one of my seeds is backfired and I take a huge amount of damage.
The Mummy Lord dimension-doors over to me, and I cast HEAL on it to slay it. My spell fails, and the Mummy Lord says, “You like to Harm!?” He casts HARM on me and nearly kills me.
Jenella and Xavril are taking care of the other four mummies, while Sebal is firing arrows at the Mummy Lord and dispelling his blade barriers. He casts SLAY LIVING on me, and I fall to my death.
Jenella and Xavril end the Mummy Lord, but Sebal loses his life
Xavril resurrects me with the Ring of Three Wishes…

Rapists and Dread Wraiths and Flaming Fists and Fire and Ice

We find ourselves in a little dilemma. Which way to travel to Baldur’s Gate? Do we take a boat, the road, or the shortest route through the forest of the dead? Hmmm, I wonder what Xavril will want to do? It seems we are all in for traveling through the forest.
We end up joining a group of merchants and a farmer traveling through the wood.
The merchant seems very hospitable and offers us some exotic dishes from Calimsham.
Xavril cozies up to the merchant and asks to see his wares—who knew what would happen next. Sometimes I think Xavril is an avatar of chaos.
This leads to that and Xavril is drawing from one of the most powerful artifacts of chaos in Faerun—The Deck of Many Things. Xavril draws the Rogue card, which turns the merchant against him. We get to it and I end up turning the poor merchant into a toad.
The farmer seems to feel he is entitled to the merchants wares, but we convince him otherwise.
The booty is so much more than I thought.
Ring of Animal Friendship—we give to the farmer
Amulet of Mighty Fists +4—we will sell
Guantlet of Rust—Xavril takes
Rod of Cancelation—we give to Karxik
Ring of Invisibility—we give to Karxik
Figurine of Wondrous Power (Goat)—Xavril takes
Ring of Protection +2—we give to the farmer
Potion of Good Hope (X3)—I take
50 silver
16 gold
We travel on and the sky seems to be getting darker
The road in front of us begins to swirl with darkness and I notice a dark form covered in dark cloth—I know this creature. I know we are going to have to fight it or die. It’s a dread wraith. I know that I won’t last two rounds if I engage this abomination, so I decide to cast DEATH WARD on Jenella. She is the only one of us that can effectively melee with wraithy. I call divine fire down upon it, and Jenella does the three kicks to the face action on it. We end it.
Farmland farmland farmland

Baldur’s Gate
There are no words to describe the sheer immensity of this city. It is a cornucopia of trade and culture. This city was made to stand the test of time.
I suggest that we not split up (so Xavril can go steal things) and ask directions to the Blushing Mermaid—where we can ask this proprietor to help us on our quest for the crystal ball that has imprisoned the Grove and my mother’s life force.

Blushing Mermaid
The barmaid is pretty tight lipped about the name of the proprietor, but we convince her to relay a message to Mr. Jameson about my mother and the Grove and the wizard Alavar.
The next day we come downstairs and find a rather dapper looking older gentleman behind the bar sporting two rapiers…I know these weapons as fire and ice and we confirm that Mr. Jameson is indeed the proprietor that we seek.
He asks us for a favor and in return we will have his protection while in Baldur’s Gate. He says some terribly patronizing words about our lack of experience and jibes about our youth. We are to find a the cottage of some elderly woman fighter and tell her that Jameson has asked that she train the City Guard.
Elaina turns out to be a white haired 80 year old woman who is 5’1” 100lb., and wearing a sundress. She is a bit surly but complies with our request from Mr. Jameson.
I notice a cowled individual following us as we bring our wares to a merchants shop in the dock district. We sell the Guantlet of Might Fists +4 and trade for Bag of Holding Type I—(X4.)
When leaving the shop, the cowled figure walks up to us and announces himself as the Grand Master, which Jenella replies that she thought he was dead. He taps one of her pressure points to see if she is worthy of his training and asks her to bring him the Masters head. We all agree that his interests and ours are the same.

Raped in an Alley
While returning to the Inn, I scope out a group of three men taking turns on a helpless girl slung over a bail of hay—no panties. I cast BALEFUL POLYMORPH on the male raping the girl, but the spell fails. As we approach, the girl stands up and tells us, “You dare to defy the Master!” AMBUSH!
We fight and beat all but the female magic user who casts ANTIGRAVITY on us and ends up fleeing like the Drow coward. I WILD SHAPE into a griffin and save my companions…

Over the River and Through the Woods

Over the River and Through the Woods

…the not so lonely road to Baldur’s Gate

Reaching Wood
This dense forest is home to strange humanoids, unnatural creatures, huge woodland creatures, and mischievous faeries, at least that’s what my COMMUNE WITH NATURE spell says.
I venture in with Jenella, who I really am beginning to think is the only sane companion in the group. Karxik is taken ill with some irritable bowel sickness and is confined to the wagon. And Xavril is his usual boisterous and insane self.
I cast PASS WITHOUT TRACE for the first eight hour leg of our journey through Reaching Wood.
There are strange sounds like small children laughing. I know these tiny folk. They are faeries of the forest. The first night is uneventful, save the laughter of these little sprites.
In the morning, we come upon a rather humorous situation. The fae have filled the lock of Xavril’s trunk with tree sap—all while hearing them laughing in the background.
The day is dreary and grey, and I hear a peculiar click-clacking above the canopy.
This puts us all on telepathic alert, and soon enough we will all know why.

…enter the Driders and Spiders
This is no rag-tag group. These creatures were deliberately summoned to find us, but to what end. Why would my father’s people want anything from the surface world, except to trade? Who sent the leash holders out to find us?
We battle the half-Drow spiders and their giant spider friends. The phase spider was particularly nasty, but we end up regulating.

Laughing Sprites and Mischief
The second night in the forest was uneventful again, except for the laughter again.
Xavril checks out some noise in the wagon and notices strange movement under his clothes. Xavril, of course, doesn’t investigate further for some strange reason.
We wake up to yet another dreary day and Karxik basically glued to the bottom of the wagon in what seems like the largest amount of tree sap I’ve ever seen. I notice they’ve taken special care to see that he can still draw breath and see, but the rest of him is secured to the wagon. Also, Xavril’s chest is glued to the wagon as well. It is amusing the lengths these faeries will go to get a laugh.
The Impossible Encounter
We are almost out of the Reaching Wood, and just as I am settling into the thought of us making it to Scornubel without having to deal with anything too dangerous—enter the Drow Baddy Party of Doom!
Not only are they four seasoned fighters and a wizard, but they have a Priestess of Lloth no less, and she means business.
We give it the old college try. With a little more focus on Super Priestess and her flying wizard friend, we might have been able to pull it off.
We are saved by a garrison of fighters from Scornubel. Their leader wants 20 gold for services rendered, but I am not giving him money for keeping a bad element out of his city. Jenella ends up giving him a free turn at the candy counter— panties optional.
We’re in oh so delightful Scornubel—I want out of this shit-hole fast.

Rugs, Merchants, Giants, Monks, Mountains, Swamps, and Crystal Balls

Recap 4

Mantacore Inn
We sit down for a sumptuous breakfast, when the waitress comes over and tells us that there were people looking for us last night. They were tattooed and very fit—half naked. There was a woman with them in tight wraps and panties.
We don’t know if they are pirates or servants of either the Red Wizard Enchanter or Captain Shoyuz?
In walks a street urchin with a smile when she spots us. She tells us to meet Jenyv at a place called Roasters, not at the Thieves Guild—most likely because of our activities the night before at Raven Alavar’s Estate.
We decide to leave town—Karxik first, but as he moves beyond 50’ of us, he begins to feel nausea and pain. Xavril and I run up to him and the pain seems to disappear. There is something strange going on, so we decide to pay Janyv a visit at Roasters.
As we get closer to the establishment, the rich exotic aroma of coffee is in the air, and we find Janyv sipping a cup at a table outside. She revokes our status in the Guild and warns us to leave the city. She would welcome us back under her protection at a later date. Also, she knows a bit of info about our current predicament and that the entire Grove has been shrunken and put in a crystal ball that the Enchanter, Raven Alavar has in his possession. She tells us that my mother used part of her life-force to both curse and benefit the group. We will get sick if not within 50’ of each other—if we are detached for a prolonged period, our bodies with deteriorate and we will fall into a coma-like state. And if we are not present when the crystal ball is broken, we will disintegrate. The boon for being in this state is as follows: we no longer age or die of old age, we regenerate 1hp/1minute, if separated, we Know Direction of all other members of the group, unless on another plane, and we are linked by Telepathy within 100’.
Jenyv spoke of another who will be joining the group.
The Crystal Ball is being held in Baldur’s Gate by Jenyv’s male friend who is the proprietor of the Blushing Mermaid Inn.
We promptly leave town and start the long lonely road to Baldur’s Gate.
I turn a Stone Giant into a toad.
We rest.
Five Soldiers of the Fat Merchant attack us and end up paying for their treachery with their lives…Xavril leaves a note on one of the deceased boasting about our prowess.
We stop at Golder’s Good Grub Inn and stay the night
Our journey starts off smooth until an Abyssal Basilisk turns Xavril and Me to stone, before Karxik can Dismiss it to its home plane.
Monks on the Road
We encounter a group of monks, including Lady Janella, who we all feel the sickness before she approaches.
I telepathically ask her if she can hear my thoughts, to which she replies that she can.
We fight them, kill two of them (silky hoe and white wash) Their leader dimension doors away and Janella joins the group
We end up traveling back to Tantras in order to purchase safe passage on a boat to Suzail in Cormyr.
Besides Xavril’s sticky fingers, that journey to Suzail was a pleasant one.
Suzail (City of Lawful Good and Proper Behavior)
We check in at an Inn and eat a large meal
As we leave, it’s quite obvious there are four monks staring us down from across the street.
Janella knows them from Thay, which clues the group in on Raven Alavar being involved.
They are out to get us.
We leave quite quickly after provisioning for the hard trail through the Storm Horns Mountains, the Farsea Swamp, and the Sunset Mountains. The journey is strangely (because of really low rolls) quite uneventful for the party. While traversing the Sunset Mountain peek, the party came upon a Frost Giant hidden in a large sheet of ice. The battle was very short after Karxik cast a few Fireballs at the icy foe. He blew his horn and ran…

Vampires, Organic Produce, Fat Merchants, Genies, Drunk Guards, and Absent Wizards

Mantacore Inn
After I cast a few spells on myself, Xavril has a meeting at the Thieves Guild midday.
We enter the place at the appointed time, sit on a couch, and meet a dark haired beauty with porcelain white skin
She talks about the groups talent, with a suspicious red eye locked on me for being a Druid
Xavril’s second task is to retrieve a “friend” of hers
This friend is being restrained by a fat merchant in the richest quarter of Lyrabar. She is being kept by a fat merchant with a reputation for being evil.
The raven-haired beauty tells us that her friend, Jenyv, is being restrained by a collar that mustn’t be removed to prevent her from hurting anyone. We must free her from the merchant.
Persis is overtly vague about the merchant but gives us the address in the ritzy quarter.
Recon in the Ritzy Quarter
I check out the grocery store in the area, while Karxik checks out the bar and Xavril replenishes his rather limited wardrobe.
I mistakenly enter through the front of the store, when promptly am asked to enter in the rear at the servants entrance to which I comply.
I tell the clerk about being recently employed by the fat merchant and he sings like a canary about the good Captain Shoyuz.
I order some produce for Captain Shoyuz while the clerk lets me in on some gossip about the good Captain. He talks about the Captain being a war hero in Cormyr. He moved to Lyrabar after having a falling out with Cormyr’s King. It is rumored that he was a war profitier on both sides. He doesn’t trade in Cormyr, but he does trade—supplies, slaves, and whores—he especially loves taming wild ones and training them.
“What could go wrong?” I’m thinking, while contemplating how much Xavril is going to love this.
We hatch a scheme to deliver me to the fat merchant as a slave/whore to get in his warded estate.
After removing my clothing, Xavril is terrible to the Captain and haggles me from 10,000gp to 20gp in one sentence.
Captain Shoyuz is hesitant and pissed at Xavril, but he finally closes negotiations with him.
I am placed in a cage with a rather sturdy looking beauty with swirling rainbow colored eyes that helps me to my feet like I weigh nothing. And I notice the collar on her, which clues me into this being Persis’ friend, Jenyv. Jenyv lets me in on a little secret about Persis. She tells me that Persis is a vampire who trapped her and placed herself as the head of the Thieves Guild in Lyrabar.
I cast rusting grasp on the lock and we are freed from the cage, but Janyv tells me if I take off the collar, she can teleport us out of the dungeon. She tells me that she is a powerful Janni. She asks me to help her defeat Persis and Xavril will be given a place of honor in the Thieves Guild. I remove the collar from her neck and we port out of the Estate.
We join Janyv’s cause and make a plan of attack. The group is tasked with distracting the guards who are loyal to Persis, while Janyv deals with her.
Vampires pissing their panties, lightning bolts, sneak attacks, and large vicious animals—Oh My!
We are Lieutenants in the Thieves Guild of Lyrabar
Janyv contacts my mother who tells us that the idol may not be able to contain the evil that is growing in the Grove any longer. WE HAVE TO GET THE IDOL QUICKLY!
The Estate of Raven Alavar
After resting, we decide on a little recon to the estate of the Red Wizard Enchanter, Raven Alavar.
I become a peregrine falcon and scope out the place. All of the guards are wearing simple steel rings that allow them to bypass the wards of the estate.
Karxik winds up drinking with two of the guards. I pose as his servant and tell him the rings can get us safely past the wards of the estate. Xavril, after donning his new fashion couture, enters the bar and sits down with Karxik and the guards. He removes their rings without incident, and I take them from Karxik. I book it to a jeweler and buy duplicates of the stolen rings. Xavril replaces the duplicates back on the guard’s fingers.
Raven’s Estate
I turn into a peregrine falcon again and wait above in the trees.
Xavril invisibles into the estate and finds a ring for me. He tosses it over the wall and we all have rings now.
We invisible in and get to it.
This place is filled with treasure chests of magical items and Xavril disarms and picks all non-magical locks. And where Xavril lags behind in the magical lock picking arena, Karxik takes up the slack with his arcane powers. We disarm a door leading to a basement room that opens to a magical table and several chests of goodies for the group.
Scroll of Black Tentacles
Wand of Lightning Bolt
Armor (Breastplate +1)
Scroll of Stoneskin
Helm of Brilliance
Staff of Healing
Wand of Summon Monster I
Stone Golem Manual
Headband of Intellect +6
Mantle of Spell Resistance
Ring of Chameleon Power
I summon an Earth Elemental to travel through the earth to find a hidden chamber, which it does and excavates a way for us.
Strong magics resonate in this chamber from the table and the silver mirror in the room. I send the Earth Elemental to dig a way out of the estate, while we investigate this hidden chamber.
We find the idol broken into its components on the table and find that it is useless, which worries me.
We find yet another stash of chests in the room and more goodies to acquire.
Ring of Mind Shielding
Wand of Lightning Bolt
+2 Great Axe
Armor +2 Studded Leather
We obviously triggered an alarm, because the silver mirror begins to pulse, so we get the hell out of there. We burrow out and, as I command the elemental cave in the tunnel, we hear what can only be Raven Alavar’s voice screaming…

Almost Out of the Vast

Almost out of the Vast
We are on the road to Tsurlagol and the Gateway to Impiltur
On the lonely road we spot three Dwarven Fighters with shields and swords
As they get closer, we realize they are the Mercenary Band known as the Brothers Three
We stop and they eye our gear and start with the not so subtle threats, as long as we give them our weapons and armor
Karxik walks past them and we end up in a short fray with the Brothers Three
In the end, they are the Brother One
We take their money, weapons, armor, and magic items (Ring of Protection +2 (X2), Cloak of Resistance +2 (X2), Broadsword +2 (X2), and two sets of Dwarven Platemail +1 (X2)
Enter Chesegol now Tsurlagol
Healing at the Morninglord’s Temple
This small city has been raided, destroyed, and rebuilt more than any other city in Faerun
There are rumors of a Thayan enclave in the city
We get a room and Karxik begins his night of identifying the Dwarven booty
Xavril runs off to gamble—cards, disgruntled Elves, and vaulting through a window like a spider monkey
The following day, Karxik, in his brilliance, trapezes off alone to sell our new found wares
The arms merchant low-balls Karxik and finally ends up leaving without so much as a copper. The merchant nonchalantly asks where Karxik is staying and he sees a shadow move by quickly. It’s a good bet that our Tiefling friend is being followed
He zig-zags back to the Inn and we leaving quickly
On the road to Lyrabar
Once again there is someone approaching us on the road
This time the lone stranger is a Gold Elf calling himself Sebal
He is from the Yurwood and friend to my mother
He speaks of the Star Elves and the Deepingdale idol that a Thayan wizard named Raven Allovar stole
He also talks about a ritual that the Red Wizards want to perform with the idol
He tells us that the idol is at Allovar’s estate in the Government Quarter of Lyrabar
It is rumored that Raven Allovar is in Thay, which would provide an excellent opportunity to steal back the idol
Sebal also comes to us with gifts from the King of the Star Elves
It would seem that King Syvalen wants us to succeed in returning the idol to its proper home. Gifts—Ring of the Companion (Me) Ring of Identify (Karxik) Ring of Invisibility (Xavril)
We part ways and set up camp for the night—Xavril takes first watch and is startled to action, after Samor gets the scent of a stranger in our camp
We are all startled awake by Samor, and I get shot with three arrows before an Ankeg is summoned to grapple my dire wolf and distract us while he shoots sleeping arrows at us all
Xavril does his invisible whammie and surprise attacks the archer
I summon an earth elemental to start smacking the Ankeg
Karxik fireballs the Ankeg and magic missiles the archer
We kill the Ankeg, harvest it for armor and the archer flees
The City of Scoundrels brings numerous caravans and enough traffic to feel safe around this open city of trade and commerce
This large city is filled with temples and open trade and trade season is high
Like Waterdeep, this city is ruled by a council whose members are anonymous
We have one clear objective—find Raven Allovar’s estate and retrieve the idol of Deepingdale
First things first—we must find an Inn, Xavril must introduce himself to the very powerful Thieves Guild, and we have to sell off our Dwarven booty
We find suitable accomodations at the Merchant Inn called the Mantacore
And it’s off to the Thieves Guild
Thieves Guild
We meet what seems like a very unlikely leader in the Guild, but Xavril agrees to be tested by these would-be scoundrels
Little Man Tate gives us a wax sealed box to deliver to the proprietor of the Black Sails Inn, which is a notorious pirate hangout in the worst part of the dock district
He gives us silk ribbons to wear in the city so we aren’t pick-pocketed or messed with
Black Sails Inn
This sweaty den of filth has everything for the pirate connoisseur—drunks, gambling, women pirates, whores, rotten food, and a brawl just waiting to happen
A large woman motions me over to her and asks if she can take me under her wing and give me a job. It’s quite obvious that she wants me to be a whore, but my panties will stay on for the time being. Xavril asks to see the proprietor of the establishment and they all smirk and become very shifty
A strangely exotic and radiantly beautiful woman (Alicia Keys) chats us up, and the Madame slips and says her name (Gillian) and lets us in on her being the proprietor of the Black Sails
She takes us to a bloody butcher’s room and we enter her private office beyond
She opens the box and reads the parchment contained within
She lights a cigar and blows smoke at all of us
Karxik notices her glowing yellow eyes and identifies her as a Glabrezu demon
She is very intrigued by our Tiefling friend and uses her powers of persuasion to question our motives for being in the city
Xavril is ceremoniously marked with the foot long claw of Gillian and we have an hour to get back to the guild so Xander (Little Man Tate) can remove it
We return to the Guild and Xander is surprised we aren’t dead
He removes a crystal wand from his deep pockets and mutters some infernal incantation which removes the mark from Xavril and completes his first task in becoming a thief in the Guild of Lyrabar
We return to the Mantacore Inn and…

Xavril post 1
the real deal

We start in the city of Deepingdale. Where your hero is in sitting in jail, unjustly. He is in love and to woe his hearts desire he needed to get her attention with a daring act of bravado. This act is why he is in jail, on his was to the hangman… a act of simple love. But it would seem that the city needed him and they came to his jail cell to beg for his help to save it. Well what could I do???? I said yes.
He was to travel to Lyrabar and lead a group of adventures there and recover a idol that was stolen. So he meet up with the others he was to lead and protect, a druid and a wizard and a ranger. It was painful how much they looked up to him and the two women wanted him. But such things was to have to wait, I have a city to save.
We set out and right way one girl (the ranger, such a tease) was first to try to show off and get my attention by showing that she was in control. Ill play that game. I was able to keep them away from harm way until on night when we were crashed by a Half-Orc Barbarian intent on harming the ranger. Despite my best effort it I wasn’t able to save them all. The ranger fell in combat. I stayed around while the others ran and gave her a proper funeral pyre and then left to complete my mission.
I found my fellow adventures hiding in the woods where I assured them the we could continue so we left for our mission. In time we came to a village and got a room and during dinner the same Half-Orc Barbarian walks in. I looked at my partners who were instantly nervous and I decided to calm them by getting him a drink and celebrating life with him. And in a bid to make him jealous our druid went to bed with him. It didn’t work.

And then he woke up…


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