The Degradation of Deepingdale

On the Road to Lyrabar


The Grove

Nedylene is summoned to a meeting with her mother (Calathiel) and father (Kr’ival) regarding a matter of dire importance to the Grove and Deepingdale.
They inform Nedylene that the Idol of Deepingdale, which has locked away a dark evil and kept the Grove safe for over a century, has been stolen.
Ylalathiel “Thiel” (an accomplished Wild Elf Ranger) was attacked by a cloaked individual who was far more skilled than she. The idol was taken during her watch, and she is wrought with guilt and shame.
If the idol is not returned, the evil will be released from its prison and Deepingdale will suffer the same fate as the Grove.
I am instructed to travel with Thiel and retrieve the idol to insure the evil is kept at bay.
We are instructed to journey to large town of Highmoon, where we are instructed to meet the Sage of Deepingdale (Rhauntides)
We arrive at 1030am, an hour and a half early, and meet Rhauntides in his tower.
We are greeted by his lovely wife, Shonelle, who is also a mage. She offers us refreshments, but Thiel, wrought with the shame of failing the Grove, is stringently all business.
Rhauntides greets us with troubled tidings of the Grove being destroyed by this evil and eventually Deepingdale.
Thiel describes the attack, and Rhauntides asks if she cut the attacker—she tells him that she did, and Rhauntides uses the residual blood on her blade to cast a spell that will locate the attacker.
Rhauntides scrys the location of the attacker in Lyrabar. We have to travel through the Vast to get to Lyrabar—a city of pirates and thieves—the journey will be extremely dangerous.
Rhauntides knows that we need a thief to navigate the City of Thieves, and their just happens to be a thief in Highmoon that will be executed tomorrow. Rhauntides knows that our journey will fail without the skills of a thief in this dangerous city, and none of us, well save Thiel, want to chance this journey without Xavril Shadowstrider.
We petition the mayor of the city, Lord Danzig, to allow us to free this thief and return the idol. Rhauntides slyly mentions that if we succeed, that the mayor will gain much favor for the next election.
Lord Danzig agrees to pardon Xavril, and we are off the the jail to meet with the devastatingly handsome Captain of the Guard, Lord Axgar. Axgar is less than enthusiastic about letting Xavril go, but Rhauntides puts his mind at ease by telling him that he will perform a spell that will compel him to finish his task. Axgar complies and Rhauntides does the whammie on Xavril
We stay at the Inn in town where we meet a curious friend of Rhauntides.
Enter Karxik
Karxik is no ordinary Magic-User.
Karxik is a Tiefling Mage
Thiel almost shits her panties when she sees Karxik, but the rest of us do the cozy meet and greet without incident.
We stay at the Inn and tomorrow it’s off to the Vast and finally Lyrabar
On the Road
Karxik finds Bracers +2 on a skeleton outside of Highmoon (28-good guess)
We are making excellent time on horseback, although Thiel still insists on running.
The first night on the road is fairly uneventful, save the rustling of some Goblins and Thiel graciously deciding on double watch.
The next day on the road, everyone is exhausted.
Coming up over a hill, both Thiel, Karxik, and I see a lone rider coming toward us.
Thiel screams, “Garash” and we ride until nightfall
The camp is set up, we all decide on a single watch, and I become a tree and get to snoozing.
Thiel, of course, takes first watch…
We all wake up to a monstrous Half-Orc Barbarian who is berserking all over Thiel.
We join the fray and after we all feel the brute power of this dude, we mount the horses and run.
Thiel stays to fight Garash, and Xavril is skulking in the shadows to find an opportunity to kill this Half-Orc or steal Thiel’s shit after she is beheaded.
Xavril ends up with her Elven Thinblade +3
Ogre in the Plains
We encounter a rather large Ogre on the road and take cover
Xavril, still working on his hiding skills in the open dessert, manages to get us all seen
I call lightning, Karxik rains fireballs, Xavril utilizes his new thinblade, and we make pretty quick work of this Ogre.
Procampur (Wild Wild West)
We find a small nondescript Inn and settle in for a pint and some food
During our meal, a familiar Half-Orc Barbarian walks in the room and sits right next to us.
Do we shit our pants?
Do we start some shit?
No, Xavril offers him a flagon of ale and he tucks in like we’re old friends.
Garash is giving me the, “Come sit on my lap,” eyes, so in the spirit of my first adventure outside the Grove, I decide to entertain these thoughts of carnal pleasure—besides, I just love a man with a scar and some unregulated anger-management problems.
I try to pump him for information—with little success in the beginning.
I sit on Garash’s lap and we eventually end up in his room doing the grown-up twice (11” green cock)
He spills the beans about someone powerful in Lyrabar hiring him and wants me to meet him there in two weeks.
Tiny Fishing Village
We enter a small fishing village and are approached by an older lone rider in a gray cloak.
He asks us our business in the villiage, and we all tell him that we are just passing through.
He threatens us with a group of archers surrounding us in the trees (which wouldn’t have been a good thing for them with a Druid and a Mage in our group)
He petitions my lineage and asks if I am Drow, not once asking our Tiefling friend about his fiendish upbringing. I convince him that I’m merely Half-Elf (at least I think I do)
We ride past him and…



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