Geas Transformed

An Idol Broken: A Boon and a Curse


Raven Alavar succeeded in a planning many decades in the making: use the Idol protecting Deepingdale to release a darkness. Why is still unknown.

What Raven did not realize is that a Geas had been placed on individuals relating to the Idol and due to the powerful connection between the Ethereal Idol and the Grove itself a part of that Geas was connected.

It is clear that the Crystal Ball containing the Grove must be liberated and released. Only then can the Boon be fully realized and the Curse be lifted.

  • Curse:*
  • If any of the companions are more than 50’ away from each other for more than 3 hours, all of them will gain the condition “Sickened”. This condition is removed within 2 rounds of being reunited. Healing or other magics do not help;
  • If the companions apart for more than a week they lose 1 point of Strength per day until reunited at which point their strength returns at 1 point per hour. May not be restored through other means.
  • If the Crystal Ball is ever destroyed by anyone other than the Companions, they automatically cease to exist as if they had suffered the full effects of a Disintegration Spell.
  • If any of the Companions is killed the others lose 1 point of Strength per day which may not be restored by anything other than Resurrection of the fallen Companion.


  • The Companions do not age and will never perish of old age.
  • Each of the Companions regenerates at the rate of 1 Hit Point per 1 minute.
  • Direction Sense: the Companions always understand the direction and distance of each other with absolute certainty. This may not be overcome by nondetection or other magical means unless located on another plane.
  • Telepathy: the Companions may communicate via telepathy if within 100’ of each other.

Geas Transformed

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