Baldur's Gate

Large Port City--Sword Coast


Baldur’s Gate is a metropolis and city-state on the Sword Coast and Western Heartlands border, on the north bank of the river Chionthar about twenty miles (32 km) east from its mouth on the Sea of Swords. It is located to the south of the great city-state of Waterdeep and to the north of the country of Amn, and is located along the well-traveled Coast Way road. A person from Baldur’s Gate is known as a Baldurian.

This wealthy port metropolis, whose population, according to many accounts, exceeds that of Waterdeep, is an important merchant city on the Sword Coast.1 Its strong watch and the presence of the powerful Flaming Fists mercenary company keeps the city generally peaceful and safe.


Taverns and inns
Bloomridge houses many taverns often used by adventurers or nobles:
Blade and Stars
A quiet inn known for its high quality foodstuffs.
Blushing Mermaid
Located in the north-eastern section of Baldur’s Gate, the Blushing Mermaid was an establishment known for its status as a hub of illicit business.
Elfsong Tavern
A tavern in the southeast near the eastern gate known best for its strange haunting, a ghostly elven voice of unidentified origin that could be heard singing quietly at night. However, the voice has since faded.[as of when?]
Helm and Cloak
An expensive but well-rated feasting hall popular with both locals and travelers alike. Its upper floor was also rented out to the vast majority of the Knights of the Unicorn.
Purple Wyrm Inn and Tavern
A tavern much compared to the Elfsong, but it was more commonly used by merchants and those seeking adventure.
Splurging Sturgeon
Located a bit south from the Blushing Mermaid, the Splurging Sturgeon was a small but well-known establishment.
Three Old Kegs
Highly comfortable but only slightly expensive, the Three Old Kegs was perhaps the most highly rated establishment in Baldur’s Gate.

Counting House
Moneylender in the docks along the waterfront specializing in the trade of coins, gems, and valuables.23
Sorcerous Sundries
A shop near the eastern gate that stocks all sorts of arcane supplies, from spell components to magical items.23

There are many manors in Bloomridge as well. These manors are owned by the richest of Bloomridge’s nobles and house many servants.

Bloodmire Manor
A spacious, gothic mansion that was overrun by monstrous experiments in the 1370s.2
Firewind Manor (formerly House Felldane)11
Mandorcai’s Mansion
A beautiful manor located in Bloomridge and owned by the tiefling Mandorcai.24
Omduil’s Manor
A stately manor owned by the aged Harper sage Omduil.11

Places of worship
Like most cities, Baldur’s Gate has many places of worship. Untouched by the Spellplague, Baldur’s Gate swelled in size and diversity. An impact was the formation of Twin Songs. Here temples and shrines to a great diversity of gods existed. All temples and shrines were accepted. Even shrines devoted to the worship of evil were ignored by the Flaming Fists.4 Although home to many temples, the city’s most renowned and well known are

High House of Wonders Temple of Gond25, located in the northern part of the city not far from the High Hall. Water Queen’s House Temple of Umberlee256, located in the northern docklands along the waterfront.23 Lady’s Hall Temple of Tymora257, located in the northern part of the city.23

The city is also home to several shrines. The most renowned and famed are:

The Watchful Shield Shrine of Helm25 Shrine of the Suffering Shine of Ilmater25 The Rose Portal Shrine of Lathander25 The Unrolling Scroll Shrine of Oghma25

The High Hall
Palace of the Grand Dukes in the northern section of the city.23 Also known as the Duchal Palace.26
Seatower of Balduran
Defensive structure on an island in the harbor.23
The Wide
An open green space in the northeastern part of the city.23
Shack near the piers where the harbormaster resides.


Baldur's Gate

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