The Gelacore

Ancient Drow Sorceror


The Gelacore is a truly ancient Drow Sorceror and devout follower of Azuth, the god of magical knowledge. Azuth is a lesser god and follower of Mystra, goddess of magic.

Legend tells that The Gelacore felt like the religion of Lloth stymied magical knowledge and to a follow of Azuth, there is nothing worse. Because of this The Gelacore was able to arrange the downfall of the ancient Drow city of Mel’dezzar’id.

Since that time The Gelacore has collected magical knowlege through the centuries while turning the former Drow city into his personal stronghold. Legend has it that the stronghold contains perhaps the world’s greatest storehouse of magical relics.

One story tells of a red dragon, Tsauralion, who challenged The Gelacore for his stash. Tsauralion has not been seen again.

Many sages suspect the true stronghold is in extra-dimensional space…


The Gelacore

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