Druid of the Grove


Race: Half-Elf
Alignment: Neutral Good
Age: 34
Gender: female
Height: 5’4"
Weight: 120
Eyes: green
Hair: black
Skin: black

Nedylene is very attractive and somewhat wild looking. She keeps her hair in tight dreadlocks, and her attire is like an exotic bird. She is a child of the forest. She is part of the Grove.



Nedylene began her life, and will probably leave this world in the Grove, just as her mother, Calathiel, has transcended her own mortal coil to become the protector of the Grove. Ned is one with all things in nature. She is a child of the forest and will protect it with her life. Her path was set before her at an early age, and she is glad to take up her mother’s mantle, if something should happen to her. Ned’s path has never been an obstacle. She follows the Druidic teachings with reverence and a healthy concept of the greater good.

The only obstacle in her limited social life is her father, Kr’ival’s lineage. You see, Nedylene is half Drow, and she is well aware of the stigma that she must endure. There are few things worse than being the daughter of a Drow fighter. Very few people know her secret, and it is better for her to keep it from small minded villagers and fear-mongers.

Besides her obvious course, Ned yearns for adventure and experience. Her heart is wild and restless, like the Grove she helps to protect. When her mother and father called her to aid Thiel in her task of bringing back the Idol of Deepingdale, she was almost beside herself with exhilaration. She would not let her mother down. And she would help preserve the delicate balance of the Grove.



The Degradation of Deepingdale Darkness