The Degradation of Deepingdale

Xavril post 1

the real deal

We start in the city of Deepingdale. Where your hero is in sitting in jail, unjustly. He is in love and to woe his hearts desire he needed to get her attention with a daring act of bravado. This act is why he is in jail, on his was to the hangman… a act of simple love. But it would seem that the city needed him and they came to his jail cell to beg for his help to save it. Well what could I do???? I said yes.
He was to travel to Lyrabar and lead a group of adventures there and recover a idol that was stolen. So he meet up with the others he was to lead and protect, a druid and a wizard and a ranger. It was painful how much they looked up to him and the two women wanted him. But such things was to have to wait, I have a city to save.
We set out and right way one girl (the ranger, such a tease) was first to try to show off and get my attention by showing that she was in control. Ill play that game. I was able to keep them away from harm way until on night when we were crashed by a Half-Orc Barbarian intent on harming the ranger. Despite my best effort it I wasn’t able to save them all. The ranger fell in combat. I stayed around while the others ran and gave her a proper funeral pyre and then left to complete my mission.
I found my fellow adventures hiding in the woods where I assured them the we could continue so we left for our mission. In time we came to a village and got a room and during dinner the same Half-Orc Barbarian walks in. I looked at my partners who were instantly nervous and I decided to calm them by getting him a drink and celebrating life with him. And in a bid to make him jealous our druid went to bed with him. It didn’t work.

And then he woke up…



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