The Degradation of Deepingdale

Vampires, Organic Produce, Fat Merchants, Genies, Drunk Guards, and Absent Wizards

Mantacore Inn
After I cast a few spells on myself, Xavril has a meeting at the Thieves Guild midday.
We enter the place at the appointed time, sit on a couch, and meet a dark haired beauty with porcelain white skin
She talks about the groups talent, with a suspicious red eye locked on me for being a Druid
Xavril’s second task is to retrieve a “friend” of hers
This friend is being restrained by a fat merchant in the richest quarter of Lyrabar. She is being kept by a fat merchant with a reputation for being evil.
The raven-haired beauty tells us that her friend, Jenyv, is being restrained by a collar that mustn’t be removed to prevent her from hurting anyone. We must free her from the merchant.
Persis is overtly vague about the merchant but gives us the address in the ritzy quarter.
Recon in the Ritzy Quarter
I check out the grocery store in the area, while Karxik checks out the bar and Xavril replenishes his rather limited wardrobe.
I mistakenly enter through the front of the store, when promptly am asked to enter in the rear at the servants entrance to which I comply.
I tell the clerk about being recently employed by the fat merchant and he sings like a canary about the good Captain Shoyuz.
I order some produce for Captain Shoyuz while the clerk lets me in on some gossip about the good Captain. He talks about the Captain being a war hero in Cormyr. He moved to Lyrabar after having a falling out with Cormyr’s King. It is rumored that he was a war profitier on both sides. He doesn’t trade in Cormyr, but he does trade—supplies, slaves, and whores—he especially loves taming wild ones and training them.
“What could go wrong?” I’m thinking, while contemplating how much Xavril is going to love this.
We hatch a scheme to deliver me to the fat merchant as a slave/whore to get in his warded estate.
After removing my clothing, Xavril is terrible to the Captain and haggles me from 10,000gp to 20gp in one sentence.
Captain Shoyuz is hesitant and pissed at Xavril, but he finally closes negotiations with him.
I am placed in a cage with a rather sturdy looking beauty with swirling rainbow colored eyes that helps me to my feet like I weigh nothing. And I notice the collar on her, which clues me into this being Persis’ friend, Jenyv. Jenyv lets me in on a little secret about Persis. She tells me that Persis is a vampire who trapped her and placed herself as the head of the Thieves Guild in Lyrabar.
I cast rusting grasp on the lock and we are freed from the cage, but Janyv tells me if I take off the collar, she can teleport us out of the dungeon. She tells me that she is a powerful Janni. She asks me to help her defeat Persis and Xavril will be given a place of honor in the Thieves Guild. I remove the collar from her neck and we port out of the Estate.
We join Janyv’s cause and make a plan of attack. The group is tasked with distracting the guards who are loyal to Persis, while Janyv deals with her.
Vampires pissing their panties, lightning bolts, sneak attacks, and large vicious animals—Oh My!
We are Lieutenants in the Thieves Guild of Lyrabar
Janyv contacts my mother who tells us that the idol may not be able to contain the evil that is growing in the Grove any longer. WE HAVE TO GET THE IDOL QUICKLY!
The Estate of Raven Alavar
After resting, we decide on a little recon to the estate of the Red Wizard Enchanter, Raven Alavar.
I become a peregrine falcon and scope out the place. All of the guards are wearing simple steel rings that allow them to bypass the wards of the estate.
Karxik winds up drinking with two of the guards. I pose as his servant and tell him the rings can get us safely past the wards of the estate. Xavril, after donning his new fashion couture, enters the bar and sits down with Karxik and the guards. He removes their rings without incident, and I take them from Karxik. I book it to a jeweler and buy duplicates of the stolen rings. Xavril replaces the duplicates back on the guard’s fingers.
Raven’s Estate
I turn into a peregrine falcon again and wait above in the trees.
Xavril invisibles into the estate and finds a ring for me. He tosses it over the wall and we all have rings now.
We invisible in and get to it.
This place is filled with treasure chests of magical items and Xavril disarms and picks all non-magical locks. And where Xavril lags behind in the magical lock picking arena, Karxik takes up the slack with his arcane powers. We disarm a door leading to a basement room that opens to a magical table and several chests of goodies for the group.
Scroll of Black Tentacles
Wand of Lightning Bolt
Armor (Breastplate +1)
Scroll of Stoneskin
Helm of Brilliance
Staff of Healing
Wand of Summon Monster I
Stone Golem Manual
Headband of Intellect +6
Mantle of Spell Resistance
Ring of Chameleon Power
I summon an Earth Elemental to travel through the earth to find a hidden chamber, which it does and excavates a way for us.
Strong magics resonate in this chamber from the table and the silver mirror in the room. I send the Earth Elemental to dig a way out of the estate, while we investigate this hidden chamber.
We find the idol broken into its components on the table and find that it is useless, which worries me.
We find yet another stash of chests in the room and more goodies to acquire.
Ring of Mind Shielding
Wand of Lightning Bolt
+2 Great Axe
Armor +2 Studded Leather
We obviously triggered an alarm, because the silver mirror begins to pulse, so we get the hell out of there. We burrow out and, as I command the elemental cave in the tunnel, we hear what can only be Raven Alavar’s voice screaming…



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