The Degradation of Deepingdale

The real deal

ya its that good

So we catch up to our hero in a bar getting breakfast. Confronted by a upset guard. He basically tells him what ever jumps on a table and flips him off only to do a back flip out of the window. Nice. Next Xavril (our hero) says we should go talk to that old lady again and he friend agree and go only to find she’s PMSing bad and tries to have he clay golem henchmen deal with us but Xavril kill them all and took her booty. On the way to the next they meet up with the master blah blah blah words hand gestures. We then go to a church and Xavril gets to meet some god dude and pees in the holy water. Classic Xavril. We then go back to the bar I do some poetry for my drow lady love and we meet so other elf dude. But he wants to go to some place for some reason… sounds fun so we go. We end up in the underdark (not sure how) and they come across a white dragon but he runs and we live. Then a necromind does something and I kill it. We find a ugly dwarf city words words money blah. Then head off again leaving a poem and some jewelry for his lady love. Then we find some black dragon I go and steal some stuff and then get my friends around him and while he is chasing them I go back and steal stuff and take a dump on his hoard. Classic Xavril. Some mushroom forest… boring. Find a mind flayer house and own them and the friends that come along after we owned them then took a dump in the child spawing tank. Classic Xavril. Before we go I do more poetry for my drow lover and we run off. Run into some Ice devils and finally my woman is here and they fight and we finish them off and win. Now I did kill my woman but I need to get her away from here so we can be together. (aka going to ress her later… Classic Xavril). Then mummy lords and drood chick soils her panties and dies so I ress here and basicly and hero. Classic Xavril….



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