The Degradation of Deepingdale

Ruins and Dragons and Mushrooms and Dragons and Devils and Drow and Mummies, Oh My!

The Blushing Mermaid
Karxik is sucked into the crystal ball, and we now have the dilemma of who is next. We have to solve this problem quickly.
It seems the City Guard didn’t quite trust Xavril’s card game, and the captain is really angry. He wants to know how his good friend wants nothing to do with him, after playing the card game with Xavril. I often wonder why this little thief does these things. Everything in nature has its meaning, but chaos takes so much effort and time to create.
Xavril does his patented leap through a closed window trick…
We need answers, and Elaine may have heard them while training the City Guard.
Elaine’s Cottage
We pay Elaine a visit, but she seems far too elated to see us and is acting very uncharacteristic.
We drink her tea, after I purify it, and she asks us if we want training in the backyard. What could possibly go wrong?
We comply and go out back to find that the training dummies are actually clay Golems, and our host is actually a werewolf in disguise. I also spot what looks like Elaine’s body in a heap.
We fight this beasty and eventually kill her, and the booty is pretty sweet
7 Mithral Chain Shirt/Hardness 15—Xavril’s
+3 Heavy Shield
+2 Bastard Sword
Cloak of Resistance +2
Masterwork Composite Longbow
Tome of Understanding +3 to Wisdom—which Xavril gives to me
+1 Hide Armor
Masterwork Broadsword
On the street, a hooded figure, which can only be the Grand Master, walks up to us.
Xavril challenges him to draw from the deck, which he does. The Grand Master draws the Fates card, while Xavril draws the Knight card and Rolando is realized.
The Grand Master challenges Jenella again and is rewarded with tattoos that augment her strength +3
Temple of Tyr
After selling our booty with some reluctance, we visit Jenella’s temple to give them a donation.
She donates 770 gold and is granted an audience with the High Priest. She finds out about the unholy alliance between the Master and the Drow. She also finds out that the Master is in the catacombs by the docks.
Enter Sebal
We return to the Blushing Mermaid and the barmaid says that people came in looking for us. We find our Gold Elf friend. And he has some information on a staff that may help us in finding and freeing the Grove. Sebal talks about the ancient Elven court that founded Myth Dranor 10,000 years ago. He talks about the ruined city and its extreme dangers. He also mentions the strange wild magic zones. This place holds unspeakable treasure and power.
Sebal speaks of the Mythal Staff, which is an artifact beyond powerful that can be used, in theory, to save my mother and the Grove.
Myth Dranor
We find a wizard that can teleport us to the fabled ruined city of Myth Dranor
I cast FIND THE PATH on Xavril
This place is strangely quiet and the air is stale. We walk by a ruined House of Antiquities—strangely enough Xavril isn’t interested in seeing what is inside.
We jump over a couple bridges and come to the House of Ornjal and the Windsong Tower, which is the entrance to the ruins below. We find the opening and a 20’ drop—land safely.
The Underdark
This place is dark and strangely cold
There is a pool that we do not disturb while getting across
Xavril scouts out the dark tunnel ahead and finds a group of four Skeleton Warriors. We engage them and make a rather large amount of noise.
This noise disturbs the white dragon that is creeping in the pool behind us. He gets to the narrow tunnel and unleashes his freezing breath weapon.
We all survive the cone of cold, and the remaining Skeleton Warriors are frozen in place.
Vast Cave
We enter a vast cave and notice ahead an amorphous pile of green ooze. I lob fire seeds at it while it swallows Jenella. She breaks free. It swallows her again. She breaks free, and it swallows her again. We eventually end it. And Jenella is covered in slime—icky
Xavril scouts ahead and finds a great pool and another dark cave. The pool has an Aboleth in it, so we decide on the cave. There is a door at the end of the cave, and Xavril opens it to find one of the most unnatural creatures of Faerun—the Necromind.
We engage it, and of course, it swallows me. I try to get out of it’s necrotic and acidic innards with my knife. While doing so, I see that it swallows Sebal also. We are going to die, if I don’t act quickly. I carve a hole in it and eventually get out and find it dead on the floor. Sebal isn’t going to be right after this adventure. Jenella and I high-five our slimy encounters.
Scabbard of Keen Edges—Xavril
Ring of Three Wishes—Mine
+1 Greatsword
Talisman of Reluctant Wishes—which Xavril loses
Scroll of Lesser Planar Binding—Mine
Staff of Fire—Mine
Scroll of Forcecage—Mine
Rod of Wonder—Xavril
We take a much needed rest, and I continue my study of the Tome of Understanding.
I cast FIND THE PATH on Xavril and we travel to a lower level of the Underdark.
Duergar Dwarf City
We meet a merchant who is inquisitive about our party, especially Sebal.
Xavril asks the Merchant if he has any detailed maps of the underdark. I know this Dwarf is going to try to manipulate the situation, but we eventually get a map of the next city over with some turns and secret passages—one of which is a black dragons hoard.
Sebal tells us that there is a secret passage to the next level past the Drow city in the dragon’s lair—what could possibly go wrong?
Dragon’s Lair
We enter a very narrow tunnel and Xavril does his sneak/thief recon in the treasure hoard. He finds a sleeping Black Dragon atop a massive hoard of gold and gems. Xavril can’t resist taking things, but remains unseen. We skirt around the Dragon while he is trying to sniff us out and finally end up at the mouth of a pool that leads beyond. Sebal dimension-doors and Jenella shadow-steps to a jutting of rock and hides, while Xavril, and I are almost crushed by Black Dragon. I Wild Shape into a tiny fish and swim for it. The Dragon, of course, follows us into the pool, and Xavril returns to the lair for some thieving.
+4 Sentient Rapier—Haste (3/day)—Xavril
+3 Bloody Mace—must have fresh blood on it or loses magic
Ring of Deathwatch—Sentient (Evil)—speaks of the conditions of creatures around you—Xavril
We find a waterfall and a swamp that is filled with mushrooms and bog water—the perfect bed for a Black Dragon
We encounter Myconids that want to barter safe passage with a single sacrifice, but I cast COMMAND PLANTS on them and we pass without incident.
We find our way to a very narrow tunnel and hear the sniffing Dragon behind us saying, “I can smell you!”
We come to what seems like a garbage shoot, but the garbage is every kind of humanoid imaginable. It is a heap of putrescence, and the spell is telling Xavril that the quickest way to the next level down is through that shoot. Investigating the heap further reveals a glowing yellow wizard eye, that I quickly dispel. I know our trackers will be here soon.
Illithid Harvesting Camp
We find a Drow male with a larvae attached to its neck, who seems to be catatonic. He is chained up, totally malnourished, and seems to be in charge of disposing of the bodies. What kind of creature could enslave Drow and create this much carnage?
We scout out the facility—there is a room with a huge tank of larvae and another room with humanoids strapped to tables.
After opening the door, Xavril scouts out a courtyard with another building across the way.
A humanoid looks out the window, after being alerted to the noise. This humanoid is slight, having a tall but thin build. While frail, they have tough, leathery hides and bulbous eyes above their four tentacles and bloated heads which contain highly developed brains—Illithid.
We scurry back into the disposal room and shut the door, while Xavril does his hiding whammy.
I unchain the Drow and destroy the larvae. He falls to the ground and the Illithid is alerted to our presence. We are hit by a cone of psionic power, but we manage to shrug it off. Three Illithids return and we get to it. We fight off one and the third teleports just outside. We fight again, and the second one forces Xavril to do his will by killing us. We end the second Illithid, and #3 runs off. I use one of the MIRACLES in my Ring of Three Wishes to bring Xavril back to “sanity.”
We case the place quickly, knowing the third Illithid will most likely come back with reenforcements.
Oil of Magic Vestment +4—(X2)—Mine
Manual of Quickness of Action (
5 to Dex)—Xavril
We flee quickly and are traveling through an oblong tunnel. FIND THE PATH tells Xavril which tunnel to travel down, but we are confronted by four Illithids, including the slippery squiddy that got away. We fight and ultimately win but not without a price. Xavril and Sabel are both turned against us, so I must use another Miracle from the ring to take us to the Ethereal Plane. We hang out for two days and rest, heal, read, and try to help Sabel from going insane. This poor elf is really being taken for a ride.
We return in the very spot we left, take the correct tunnel, and come out into a chasm that is easily a 100’ drop. There is sinister laughter coming from the bottom of the pit.
Xavril summons his Obsidian Goat and we all fly across, all the while hearing the sinister laughter and breathing below.
Xavril recons once again, and finds two Ice Devils at the end of the tunnel, also a familiar war party of Drow are tailing us behind. We all hide—Sebal not so well. We wait for the party to pass in order to cause the Ice Devils to fight them. We are in a perfect position to catch them with their panties down, except that Sebal is just standing there, thinking he is under perfect cover.
The party discovers him and the Priestess yells, “Where are the others?! Find them!”
Sebal runs down the tunnel hall and dimension-doors next to me, once they are alerted.
The Ice Devils meet the Drow party, and we start the fight. The devils are being banished, while summoning six Bone Devils, the Drow wizard disappears, and I cast TRUE SEEING to catch him with his panties down. Jenella does her FOUR KICKS TO THE FACE. Sebal shoots arrows. Xavril backstabs and devastates with evasion. Huge spells are cast and eventually the Priestess falls, the devils are vanquished, her entire party is killed, save the wizard who time stops and flees. We have destroyed the Master’s informant! And the booty is AWESOME!
Drow Elven Chain +1 (X4)
Drow Shortsword +1 (X4)
Drow Hand Crossbow (X4)
Ring of Energy Resistance (Fire +20)—Mine
Ring of Mind Shielding—Mine
Demon Armor (Full Plate)
+2 Small Shield
Staff of Healing—Mine
Boots of Striding—Mine
Snake Whip
Gloves of Dexterity +6—Xavril
Mummy Lords and Resurrections
We come to a low hanging room with four figures—one of which is on a stone throne. These figures are wrapped in cloth and are strangely attired—this is a Mummy Lord and its mummy minions.
We begin the fight doing very well. I cast some FIRE SEEDS and fire damage the lot, before one of my seeds is backfired and I take a huge amount of damage.
The Mummy Lord dimension-doors over to me, and I cast HEAL on it to slay it. My spell fails, and the Mummy Lord says, “You like to Harm!?” He casts HARM on me and nearly kills me.
Jenella and Xavril are taking care of the other four mummies, while Sebal is firing arrows at the Mummy Lord and dispelling his blade barriers. He casts SLAY LIVING on me, and I fall to my death.
Jenella and Xavril end the Mummy Lord, but Sebal loses his life
Xavril resurrects me with the Ring of Three Wishes…



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