The Degradation of Deepingdale

Rugs, Merchants, Giants, Monks, Mountains, Swamps, and Crystal Balls

Recap 4

Mantacore Inn
We sit down for a sumptuous breakfast, when the waitress comes over and tells us that there were people looking for us last night. They were tattooed and very fit—half naked. There was a woman with them in tight wraps and panties.
We don’t know if they are pirates or servants of either the Red Wizard Enchanter or Captain Shoyuz?
In walks a street urchin with a smile when she spots us. She tells us to meet Jenyv at a place called Roasters, not at the Thieves Guild—most likely because of our activities the night before at Raven Alavar’s Estate.
We decide to leave town—Karxik first, but as he moves beyond 50’ of us, he begins to feel nausea and pain. Xavril and I run up to him and the pain seems to disappear. There is something strange going on, so we decide to pay Janyv a visit at Roasters.
As we get closer to the establishment, the rich exotic aroma of coffee is in the air, and we find Janyv sipping a cup at a table outside. She revokes our status in the Guild and warns us to leave the city. She would welcome us back under her protection at a later date. Also, she knows a bit of info about our current predicament and that the entire Grove has been shrunken and put in a crystal ball that the Enchanter, Raven Alavar has in his possession. She tells us that my mother used part of her life-force to both curse and benefit the group. We will get sick if not within 50’ of each other—if we are detached for a prolonged period, our bodies with deteriorate and we will fall into a coma-like state. And if we are not present when the crystal ball is broken, we will disintegrate. The boon for being in this state is as follows: we no longer age or die of old age, we regenerate 1hp/1minute, if separated, we Know Direction of all other members of the group, unless on another plane, and we are linked by Telepathy within 100’.
Jenyv spoke of another who will be joining the group.
The Crystal Ball is being held in Baldur’s Gate by Jenyv’s male friend who is the proprietor of the Blushing Mermaid Inn.
We promptly leave town and start the long lonely road to Baldur’s Gate.
I turn a Stone Giant into a toad.
We rest.
Five Soldiers of the Fat Merchant attack us and end up paying for their treachery with their lives…Xavril leaves a note on one of the deceased boasting about our prowess.
We stop at Golder’s Good Grub Inn and stay the night
Our journey starts off smooth until an Abyssal Basilisk turns Xavril and Me to stone, before Karxik can Dismiss it to its home plane.
Monks on the Road
We encounter a group of monks, including Lady Janella, who we all feel the sickness before she approaches.
I telepathically ask her if she can hear my thoughts, to which she replies that she can.
We fight them, kill two of them (silky hoe and white wash) Their leader dimension doors away and Janella joins the group
We end up traveling back to Tantras in order to purchase safe passage on a boat to Suzail in Cormyr.
Besides Xavril’s sticky fingers, that journey to Suzail was a pleasant one.
Suzail (City of Lawful Good and Proper Behavior)
We check in at an Inn and eat a large meal
As we leave, it’s quite obvious there are four monks staring us down from across the street.
Janella knows them from Thay, which clues the group in on Raven Alavar being involved.
They are out to get us.
We leave quite quickly after provisioning for the hard trail through the Storm Horns Mountains, the Farsea Swamp, and the Sunset Mountains. The journey is strangely (because of really low rolls) quite uneventful for the party. While traversing the Sunset Mountain peek, the party came upon a Frost Giant hidden in a large sheet of ice. The battle was very short after Karxik cast a few Fireballs at the icy foe. He blew his horn and ran…



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