The Degradation of Deepingdale

Rapists and Dread Wraiths and Flaming Fists and Fire and Ice

We find ourselves in a little dilemma. Which way to travel to Baldur’s Gate? Do we take a boat, the road, or the shortest route through the forest of the dead? Hmmm, I wonder what Xavril will want to do? It seems we are all in for traveling through the forest.
We end up joining a group of merchants and a farmer traveling through the wood.
The merchant seems very hospitable and offers us some exotic dishes from Calimsham.
Xavril cozies up to the merchant and asks to see his wares—who knew what would happen next. Sometimes I think Xavril is an avatar of chaos.
This leads to that and Xavril is drawing from one of the most powerful artifacts of chaos in Faerun—The Deck of Many Things. Xavril draws the Rogue card, which turns the merchant against him. We get to it and I end up turning the poor merchant into a toad.
The farmer seems to feel he is entitled to the merchants wares, but we convince him otherwise.
The booty is so much more than I thought.
Ring of Animal Friendship—we give to the farmer
Amulet of Mighty Fists +4—we will sell
Guantlet of Rust—Xavril takes
Rod of Cancelation—we give to Karxik
Ring of Invisibility—we give to Karxik
Figurine of Wondrous Power (Goat)—Xavril takes
Ring of Protection +2—we give to the farmer
Potion of Good Hope (X3)—I take
50 silver
16 gold
We travel on and the sky seems to be getting darker
The road in front of us begins to swirl with darkness and I notice a dark form covered in dark cloth—I know this creature. I know we are going to have to fight it or die. It’s a dread wraith. I know that I won’t last two rounds if I engage this abomination, so I decide to cast DEATH WARD on Jenella. She is the only one of us that can effectively melee with wraithy. I call divine fire down upon it, and Jenella does the three kicks to the face action on it. We end it.
Farmland farmland farmland

Baldur’s Gate
There are no words to describe the sheer immensity of this city. It is a cornucopia of trade and culture. This city was made to stand the test of time.
I suggest that we not split up (so Xavril can go steal things) and ask directions to the Blushing Mermaid—where we can ask this proprietor to help us on our quest for the crystal ball that has imprisoned the Grove and my mother’s life force.

Blushing Mermaid
The barmaid is pretty tight lipped about the name of the proprietor, but we convince her to relay a message to Mr. Jameson about my mother and the Grove and the wizard Alavar.
The next day we come downstairs and find a rather dapper looking older gentleman behind the bar sporting two rapiers…I know these weapons as fire and ice and we confirm that Mr. Jameson is indeed the proprietor that we seek.
He asks us for a favor and in return we will have his protection while in Baldur’s Gate. He says some terribly patronizing words about our lack of experience and jibes about our youth. We are to find a the cottage of some elderly woman fighter and tell her that Jameson has asked that she train the City Guard.
Elaina turns out to be a white haired 80 year old woman who is 5’1” 100lb., and wearing a sundress. She is a bit surly but complies with our request from Mr. Jameson.
I notice a cowled individual following us as we bring our wares to a merchants shop in the dock district. We sell the Guantlet of Might Fists +4 and trade for Bag of Holding Type I—(X4.)
When leaving the shop, the cowled figure walks up to us and announces himself as the Grand Master, which Jenella replies that she thought he was dead. He taps one of her pressure points to see if she is worthy of his training and asks her to bring him the Masters head. We all agree that his interests and ours are the same.

Raped in an Alley
While returning to the Inn, I scope out a group of three men taking turns on a helpless girl slung over a bail of hay—no panties. I cast BALEFUL POLYMORPH on the male raping the girl, but the spell fails. As we approach, the girl stands up and tells us, “You dare to defy the Master!” AMBUSH!
We fight and beat all but the female magic user who casts ANTIGRAVITY on us and ends up fleeing like the Drow coward. I WILD SHAPE into a griffin and save my companions…



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