The Degradation of Deepingdale

Over the River and Through the Woods

Over the River and Through the Woods

…the not so lonely road to Baldur’s Gate

Reaching Wood
This dense forest is home to strange humanoids, unnatural creatures, huge woodland creatures, and mischievous faeries, at least that’s what my COMMUNE WITH NATURE spell says.
I venture in with Jenella, who I really am beginning to think is the only sane companion in the group. Karxik is taken ill with some irritable bowel sickness and is confined to the wagon. And Xavril is his usual boisterous and insane self.
I cast PASS WITHOUT TRACE for the first eight hour leg of our journey through Reaching Wood.
There are strange sounds like small children laughing. I know these tiny folk. They are faeries of the forest. The first night is uneventful, save the laughter of these little sprites.
In the morning, we come upon a rather humorous situation. The fae have filled the lock of Xavril’s trunk with tree sap—all while hearing them laughing in the background.
The day is dreary and grey, and I hear a peculiar click-clacking above the canopy.
This puts us all on telepathic alert, and soon enough we will all know why.

…enter the Driders and Spiders
This is no rag-tag group. These creatures were deliberately summoned to find us, but to what end. Why would my father’s people want anything from the surface world, except to trade? Who sent the leash holders out to find us?
We battle the half-Drow spiders and their giant spider friends. The phase spider was particularly nasty, but we end up regulating.

Laughing Sprites and Mischief
The second night in the forest was uneventful again, except for the laughter again.
Xavril checks out some noise in the wagon and notices strange movement under his clothes. Xavril, of course, doesn’t investigate further for some strange reason.
We wake up to yet another dreary day and Karxik basically glued to the bottom of the wagon in what seems like the largest amount of tree sap I’ve ever seen. I notice they’ve taken special care to see that he can still draw breath and see, but the rest of him is secured to the wagon. Also, Xavril’s chest is glued to the wagon as well. It is amusing the lengths these faeries will go to get a laugh.
The Impossible Encounter
We are almost out of the Reaching Wood, and just as I am settling into the thought of us making it to Scornubel without having to deal with anything too dangerous—enter the Drow Baddy Party of Doom!
Not only are they four seasoned fighters and a wizard, but they have a Priestess of Lloth no less, and she means business.
We give it the old college try. With a little more focus on Super Priestess and her flying wizard friend, we might have been able to pull it off.
We are saved by a garrison of fighters from Scornubel. Their leader wants 20 gold for services rendered, but I am not giving him money for keeping a bad element out of his city. Jenella ends up giving him a free turn at the candy counter— panties optional.
We’re in oh so delightful Scornubel—I want out of this shit-hole fast.



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