The Degradation of Deepingdale

Lady Janella’s meditation log

Day 2 in Baldur’s Gate – Screaming, why is our evil companion screaming? We go to his room and he appears to be stuck in the bed with only his arm sticking out. After a few moments he disappears into the crystal ball of the grove. After this my leg seems to vanish and then is solid again. There is so much I still need to figure out about these powers. Who can help? We don’t have the time to wait for Mr. Jameson, so maybe his friend Elaine will have some answers. We make our way there and as we talk to her, she starts to act very strangely. She offers to help train us out back. This should have been a sign, but maybe we can just beat the answers out of her. She calls forth some Golems and we fight. We end up killing the fake Elaine and flee from the Golems.

As we are walking back to the Inn, the Grandmaster stops me and asks if I have completed his task. I tell him that I am still working on it. Xavril, being his usual chaotic self, challenges the Grandmaster. The Grandmaster is a bit amused by it and calls his bluff. They both choose cards from the deck: Fates for the Grandmaster and the Knight for Xavril. Great, another Halfling appears, and is now Xavril’s servant. This is not going to end well. Before the Grandmaster leaves, he gives me his blessing and says that this should help me complete the quest.

In keeping with my vow, I head to the temple of Tyr to donate my portion of the gold, and hopefully find answers to where the Master is hiding. With the large donation, I’m granted entry into the inner sanctum and meditate with the high priest. As time passes, he finally tells me that the Master has entered into an unholy alliance with the Drow and is most likely in the catacombs by the docks. If we were to attack the Master now, we would most likely be killed, so head back to the Inn to come up with a better plan. It is fortuitous that we did, as there is a Gold Elf waiting for him. At first sight, I’m instantly attracted to him and when he touches me, my panties require a change. He tells us that there may be a way to break the crystal orb with a magical staff, but getting it will not be an easy task. The first obstacle is to find a wizard that can teleport us to the place where the staff is hidden.



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