The Degradation of Deepingdale

Almost Out of the Vast

Almost out of the Vast
We are on the road to Tsurlagol and the Gateway to Impiltur
On the lonely road we spot three Dwarven Fighters with shields and swords
As they get closer, we realize they are the Mercenary Band known as the Brothers Three
We stop and they eye our gear and start with the not so subtle threats, as long as we give them our weapons and armor
Karxik walks past them and we end up in a short fray with the Brothers Three
In the end, they are the Brother One
We take their money, weapons, armor, and magic items (Ring of Protection +2 (X2), Cloak of Resistance +2 (X2), Broadsword +2 (X2), and two sets of Dwarven Platemail +1 (X2)
Enter Chesegol now Tsurlagol
Healing at the Morninglord’s Temple
This small city has been raided, destroyed, and rebuilt more than any other city in Faerun
There are rumors of a Thayan enclave in the city
We get a room and Karxik begins his night of identifying the Dwarven booty
Xavril runs off to gamble—cards, disgruntled Elves, and vaulting through a window like a spider monkey
The following day, Karxik, in his brilliance, trapezes off alone to sell our new found wares
The arms merchant low-balls Karxik and finally ends up leaving without so much as a copper. The merchant nonchalantly asks where Karxik is staying and he sees a shadow move by quickly. It’s a good bet that our Tiefling friend is being followed
He zig-zags back to the Inn and we leaving quickly
On the road to Lyrabar
Once again there is someone approaching us on the road
This time the lone stranger is a Gold Elf calling himself Sebal
He is from the Yurwood and friend to my mother
He speaks of the Star Elves and the Deepingdale idol that a Thayan wizard named Raven Allovar stole
He also talks about a ritual that the Red Wizards want to perform with the idol
He tells us that the idol is at Allovar’s estate in the Government Quarter of Lyrabar
It is rumored that Raven Allovar is in Thay, which would provide an excellent opportunity to steal back the idol
Sebal also comes to us with gifts from the King of the Star Elves
It would seem that King Syvalen wants us to succeed in returning the idol to its proper home. Gifts—Ring of the Companion (Me) Ring of Identify (Karxik) Ring of Invisibility (Xavril)
We part ways and set up camp for the night—Xavril takes first watch and is startled to action, after Samor gets the scent of a stranger in our camp
We are all startled awake by Samor, and I get shot with three arrows before an Ankeg is summoned to grapple my dire wolf and distract us while he shoots sleeping arrows at us all
Xavril does his invisible whammie and surprise attacks the archer
I summon an earth elemental to start smacking the Ankeg
Karxik fireballs the Ankeg and magic missiles the archer
We kill the Ankeg, harvest it for armor and the archer flees
The City of Scoundrels brings numerous caravans and enough traffic to feel safe around this open city of trade and commerce
This large city is filled with temples and open trade and trade season is high
Like Waterdeep, this city is ruled by a council whose members are anonymous
We have one clear objective—find Raven Allovar’s estate and retrieve the idol of Deepingdale
First things first—we must find an Inn, Xavril must introduce himself to the very powerful Thieves Guild, and we have to sell off our Dwarven booty
We find suitable accomodations at the Merchant Inn called the Mantacore
And it’s off to the Thieves Guild
Thieves Guild
We meet what seems like a very unlikely leader in the Guild, but Xavril agrees to be tested by these would-be scoundrels
Little Man Tate gives us a wax sealed box to deliver to the proprietor of the Black Sails Inn, which is a notorious pirate hangout in the worst part of the dock district
He gives us silk ribbons to wear in the city so we aren’t pick-pocketed or messed with
Black Sails Inn
This sweaty den of filth has everything for the pirate connoisseur—drunks, gambling, women pirates, whores, rotten food, and a brawl just waiting to happen
A large woman motions me over to her and asks if she can take me under her wing and give me a job. It’s quite obvious that she wants me to be a whore, but my panties will stay on for the time being. Xavril asks to see the proprietor of the establishment and they all smirk and become very shifty
A strangely exotic and radiantly beautiful woman (Alicia Keys) chats us up, and the Madame slips and says her name (Gillian) and lets us in on her being the proprietor of the Black Sails
She takes us to a bloody butcher’s room and we enter her private office beyond
She opens the box and reads the parchment contained within
She lights a cigar and blows smoke at all of us
Karxik notices her glowing yellow eyes and identifies her as a Glabrezu demon
She is very intrigued by our Tiefling friend and uses her powers of persuasion to question our motives for being in the city
Xavril is ceremoniously marked with the foot long claw of Gillian and we have an hour to get back to the guild so Xander (Little Man Tate) can remove it
We return to the Guild and Xander is surprised we aren’t dead
He removes a crystal wand from his deep pockets and mutters some infernal incantation which removes the mark from Xavril and completes his first task in becoming a thief in the Guild of Lyrabar
We return to the Mantacore Inn and…



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